Surrounded by greenery and a variety of sports and leisure facilities, there is one place for education, recreational and sports. Students get taught in a brand new, ultra-modern building in the Genneperparken in Eindhoven.
Descol has installed several types of sports floors according to strict standards for top sport.
Interrelation between sport and education

The intelligence of Fontys Sports College is that most sports courts are located on the first floor. A brick roof sculpture, where the majority of the NOC * NSF certified sports facilities is located, floats above the transparent ground floor. An absolute highlight is the 15-meter high climbing tower as a beacon on the corner of the building.

Pulastic Robbins MACH-1 sports floor
Transparent sports area

A huge glass window offers a view on the climbers from a distance. In the heart of the school there is a transparent gym, which also serves as a landmark for the students.

The smart logistics creates maximum interrelationship between sport and education. You can look into the sports hall from the corridors, study areas, the restaurant and the entrance hall. Simultaneously, sports and education areas are split. The teaching areas are lockable, this allows sports clubs to use the gyms in the evening. The largest gym is split into three smaller rooms via soundproof partitions.

Pulastic Pro 180
Pulastic sports floors

The sports complex includes five sports halls, the large sports hall has 16 playing fields, complemented by various latitude and longitude lines. This hall has a capacity of 400 seats and in addition there is the 15 meter high climbing tower. Descol installed four different sports flooring systems, spread over a total of 2,260 m2.


Systems that have been installed by Descol are Pulastic Pro 180 Comfort ECO, Pulastic Elite Performance 90 ECO, Pulastic Robbins MACH-1 en Pulastic Classic 70 ECO. The sports floors must meet the standards for top sports while being multifunctional at the same time.

Nominations for prestigious architectural awards

Fontys Sports College in Eindhoven received a nomination for the WAF Award in the Schools category while the interior aspect of the project was shortlisted for an INSIDE Award in the Education category.

Both WAF and INSIDE Awards will be presented during the World Architecture Festival which takes place on October 2-4 in Singapore. Fontys Sports College was previously nominated for the Dutch Building of the Year Award 2013.

More information

If you like further information about this project or our sports floors, please feel free to contact Descol via or call +31 570-620744.