"Character through colour"

Colour gives every project a unique character, which is very important, according to Rudolf Zijlstra. Zijlstra Architecten was founded in 1966, its first collaborative project with us followed soon. Rudolf Zijlstra, who is set to take over his father's business, is still very pleased with this cooperation. Rudolf believes that the quality of the products that they use is high and constant. He and his customers have always been completely satisfied with Pulastic floors, which confirms their quality.

Cooperation between the Pulastic team and Zijlstra Architecten has always been smooth, because there is mutual trust. "We have tried other products, but those were always 'not quite it' or had a shorter life cycle." This is never the case with Pulastic floors, so parties know what they can expect. "If you can rely on a good product, there is no reason to switch to something else."


Customers tend to go for standard colours when it comes to a sports floor and find it difficult to choose different, new colours. Rudolf says that they acknowledge this and try to convince the costumer why certain colours would be more appropriate for a sports hall. "In a sports accommodation for a school for children with special needs and severely disabled pupils, for example, it was important that the floor was warm. Of course there is underfloor heating, but we have also contributed by using warm colours."

"This way, we use colour to add the right effect to a building. We want to create exactly the atmosphere that the customer describes and Pulastic makes this possible."

Acquisition through third parties is very important for Zijlstra Architecten. Today, the market is shrinking and competition is growing, so maximum visibility is essential. Rudolf Zijlstra explains that they focus on this all time. "We concentrate in particular on the 'new' customers. That is why we try to stay up to date using social media channels." In addition to being known in the market, Zijlstra Architecten also focusses on new developments.

3D drawings and sustainability are key issues these days. Rudolf says that it is not only important to construct sustainable new buildings, but also to make old buildings sustainable. "I always refer to my projects as my babies, and every baby is different. Some are large, others are small, some difficult, others easy, and that is why I face the challenge every day to make each of my babies a success."

Special projects

"Every project has its own charm, I would like to refer to three projects that were special for me:

- De Himmen, Sneek:
The combination of education for children with special needs and severely disabled pupils was very special for me. Important choices had to be made relating to colour and warmth. The hall was not large, but the management thought that their children also deserved a climbing frame. For me, the real challenge was to make this sports hall look like any other hall.


- De Witakker, Rijs:
This accommodation had a very old floor, which badly needed renovation. It was a green floor and it looked old and worn. The Pulastic team moulded the new floor on top of the old one, and applied a different, fresh colour. Now the sports floor is like new again.


- Village hall It Klif, Oudemirdum:
This was a very active community, which was able and willing to do a great deal themselves. Everyone was involved and thought along with our ideas. A project like this is special because you can feel true togetherness.


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