"Wellnesselande" shows its colours with Pulastic

Wellnesselande in Barendrecht, NL is unique in every respect. This ultramodern complex has all possible conveniences and the experienced team wants to inspire, motivate and professionally coach its visitors with a balanced offer of exercises and refreshing, welcoming relaxation options. One of the special aspects of this centre are undoubtedly the colourful floors in the different rooms. We laid the basis for a modern wellness experience.


Hans Kegel, one of Wellnesselande’s managers, is proud with the luxurious appearance of the sports centre. He has worked as a sports instructor for 24 years, teaches and has studied management. He says: “When the construction of Wellnesselande began, I started to become actively involved in building issues and all different facilities. Rolling up the sleeves and participating in the thought process suits the hands-on mentality at Wellnesselande. I soon found out, however, that building a wellness centre is no easy matter.”

The right look

“Before we could make choices on shapes, layout and materials, we needed to clearly put down on paper exactly what we wanted to offer. The combination of sports and relaxation had to be clear. This should be visible not only in the services offered, but also in the look of the building and the various rooms. This involves choosing the right floors.
We were looking for a floor specialist who was able to install different types of floors, to fit all activities that we wished to offer.”

All-in-one concept

“In a magazine, we came across the name Pulastic, so we called them. It turned out to be a good choice. They were able to show us good references and an enormous variety of options, floor types and colours. But more importantly: Pulastic was able to supply the floors for all rooms, a truly all-in-one concept. This enabled us to create unity within the building. The floors are also easy to maintain and to clean; they still look beautiful after almost two years of use. Those were our considerations to choose Pulastic. “

The WOW effect

Hans Kegel concludes: “The use of colour definitely played an important role in our decision to work with Pulastic, because we wanted to create a special experience in Wellnesselande. That we were successful is proven by the fact that customers who enter for the first time, clearly experience the WOW effect.

But we have also learned that our customers clearly prefer a Pulastic sports floor because of the high level of comfort, which helps to minimize injuries. And to complete the picture, we must not forget Pulastic's after-sales service. The sales team is always available and provide expert advice and visit us immediately if needed. In the end, it’s the overall picture that matters and that is absolutely perfect in the case of Pulastic."

For more information about Welnesselande go to their website: www.wellnesselande.nl