Omnisport centre Apeldoorn

In the Omnisport Centre in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, home base of the top volleyball team Dynamo, the first men's team laid the foundation for its victories.

The city of Apeldoorn commissioned the Omnisport Centre Apeldoorn and was closely involved with the choice for a Pulastic sports floor. Dynamo played a very important role in the choice of the sports floor. The team holds a prominent position in the Apeldoorn sports community and especially in the national sports community. They have been at the top of the volleyball league for years. Dynamo's own sports centre, in which a wooden floor was installed, did not meet the qualifications which playing at the highest levels entails.

Listening to the volleyball players, you know they want a floor like this one. "I am very positive about the Pulastic sports floor, I am pleased with it. It looks very good, it has a nice colour and the shock absorption is very good. I can tell from my joints, my knees, ankles, lower back. Nothing is bothering me, so that is great. I am very happy with that."


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