• Bronze


    The Pulastic Bronze line contains the traditional point-elastic sports floor systems that we have been installing around the world since 1965.

    The Pulastic Bronze line
  • Silver


    The Pulastic Silver line includes high-quality point-elastic sports floor systems with a high level of comfort and area-elastic sports floors from our Elite range.

    The Pulastic Silver line
  • Gold


    The Pulastic Gold line consists of mix-elastic, area-elastic and multi-elastic sports floor systems with a very high comfort level.

    The Pulastic Gold line
  • Platinum


    The Pulastic Platinum line includes high-quality mixed-elastic, area-elastic and multi-elastic sports floor systems with very high comfort and safety levels, and special attention to durability and the ability to withstand very high mechanical stress.

    The Pulastic Platinum line
  • Performance


    In addition to multifunctional sports floors, we also offer solutions for specific sports, such as tennis, athletics (including the use of spikes) and strength sports using free weights.

    The Pulastic Performance line
  • Facelift


    After many years of use, seamless sports floors can be renovated. Facelifting ensures that the floor not only performs, but also looks like a new one.

    The Pulastic Facelift
  • Solid


    Sports accommodations consist not only of a sports floor, but also of a variety of other public rooms. To achieve an attractively coherent unity, choose one of the solutions from our Solidfloor range.

    The Pulastic Solid line
  • Custom


    If our standard range of floors does not offer the exact solution you need, you have still come to the right address, because a floor from the Pulastic Custom line always suits your purpose.

    The Pulastic Custom line