Our company is ready for further expansion. We appreciate colleagues with innovative ideas who like to work as part of a team. Colleagues who believe that the customer comes first! When you work with us, you will be a vital link in this process.

We are proud to have created a working and management environment that promotes personal freedom of action and decision-making. As well as enthusiasm for one's own job, being open to change, and employee involvement.

Employees have the opportunity to make a major contribution to the overall results. The work of every individual must be in line with our shared values, internal ideas and methods. That is why we actively promote compliance with ethical standards, based on mutual respect and trust in management and staff. Our employees share 3 crucial values:

- Cooperation

- Perseverance

- Innovation

Everybody contributes to our success. We know the advantages of a richly varied work force and therefore promote the integration of individuals with all kinds of backgrounds.