From 1 July 2015, Sika Nederland B.V. will be switching to a new supplier of Pulastic cleaning products.

Effectively maintaining polyurethane (sports) floors is a commonly faced challenge throughout the world. We have analysed and tested our cleaning processes together with our partner Diversey Care-Sealed Air, and have created a new set of instructions, work maps and cleaning products. In terms of international presence, Diversey Care perfectly matches the Sika philosophy and we are both highly effective in the field of cleaning processes. Diversey Care is able to offer international support in 80 countries and can help you to clean your floors. These instructions and work maps have been incorporated into a cleaning folder, which will be presented to you by our sales managers once a project is completed.

It is essential to perform cleaning activities in accordance with our instructions if you want to enjoy your Pulastic sports floor for many years to come.

For further information, please look under “cleaning” in the downloads section.

For specific questions, please send an e-mail to: