European school in The Hague

As an employee of the European Union, you travel a lot. Thanks to the European schools, which were founded in 1953, the children of employees can continue to attend the same school. This is one of the reasons why the schools are often located in the vicinity of European institutes. The educational programme is based on the curriculum of the European schools and in The Hague pupils also learn about Dutch values and principles. That way, they get the best of both worlds!

Sika and Pulastic, full-service!

As a result of the merger with Sika Netherlands in Utrecht, we now have a team of 130 people and 20 specialised sales managers, enabling us to fully refit schools and sports facilities. By operating close to the market, we are able to constantly renew, improve and align our range of products, systems and services. Focussing on sustainable development and profitability for our customers. Profitability that goes way beyond financial benefits alone. An example is our Roof-to-Floor concept. From floor to roof, we offer a comprehensive concept of roof system, wall covering and floors.

More information

For more information please read our document about the European schools.