The art of Pulastic

In strong teamwork we designed these books, especially for you, our valued partner in sports. We trust these books will encourage you to use colour as an attribute to your facility and will help you to be creative. The broad knowlegde and experience of the Pulastic team in the flooring market leads to many innovative concepts. The overview of the international project shows how colour is applied in various ways. The seamless structure of Pulastic floors facilitates the combination of different colours in the same floor.

Pulastic floors can be applied in familiar classic colours and contemporary design colours. You will always find your personal favorite colour or we can create an individual collection for you.

All colour shades have specific properties and represent values of the Pulastic team and its brand. Join us in the artistic world of Pulastic flooring!






In 2018 we developed a new digital version of the books. Have a look at our new interactive video, inspired of the art by Pulastic!