Around the world, we have valued parties and partners, including certification institutes and sports federations. Internationally we work closely together with institutes such as IST, University of Gent, NBI, FMPA and Labosport. At the national level, KIWA-ISA Sport (NOC*NSF) is an important partner. For more information, please contact

Samenwerking BSW

Pulastic sports flooring and BSW have strengthened their sustainable partnership with an exclusive cooperation in the Netherlands. Both companies strive for top quality and acknowledge that this constitutes the basis for even closer cooperation. "The basis is trust" means trust in the partnership and trust in top quality sports floors.

Partner - FIBA

FIBA is the international governing body for all basketball federations.

Partner - IHF

The IHF is a non-profit legal entity recognised by the International Olympic Committee as the sole representative of international handball.

Partner - KIWA

Kiwa - Isa sport is an independent research organisation that provides expert advice on the feasibility, location, usability, equipment and use of (building) materials for sport centres.

Partner - IAKS

The IAKS is the worldwide No. 1 contact when it comes to the design, construction, equipping and maintenance of sports facilities and sports-oriented leisure facilities.

Partner - DGBC

The Dutch Green Building Council (DGBC) aims to make sustainability in the construction industry measurable by developing a sustainability label that can be used to create a uniform classification of buildings.

Partner - DEKRA

DEKRA is a company that specialises in high-quality services in the fields of consultancy, measurements and inspection, and testing and certification.

Partner - Ecospecifier

The objective of Ecospecifier is to promote sustainable and ecological sound materials among professionals in the construction industry, such as architects, designers, builders and specifiers.

Partner - MVO
MVO Nederland

MVO Nederland is the Dutch national knowledge and network organisation for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the starting point for all entrepreneurs who want to make their operations more sustainable.

Partner - Olympisch Netwerk Nederland
Netherlands Olympic Networki

The regional Olympic Networks of NOC*NSF want to inspire, activate and connect everyone to the recreational and top sports climate in our country. As first corporate partner within the Olympic Network, we intends to help promote the objectives and develop activities.

Partner - Responsible Care
Responsible care

The responsible Care Programme is a voluntary initiative of the global chemical industries, to which Pulastic and Sika have committed themselves.

Partner - WBCSD

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) is a worldwide organisation of approximately 200 CEOs that focuses exclusively on business and sustainable development.

Partner - USGBC

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is an internationally recognised evaluation and certification system for sustainable buildings, set up by the US Green Building Council.


The Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) is Switzerland's leading organisation for certification and assessment services. It was founded in 1983 as one of the world's first companies in this industry. Today, SQS operates internationally and has over 150 permanent employees in Switzerland, France and Italy and more than 250 freelancers around the world.