Pulastic sports floors

  • yellow shades

    yellow shades

    Yellow is the lightest colour in the spectrum. Yellow stands for hope, joy and inspiration. The spirit of the Pulastic team is innovative, enterprising, and sporting. We enjoy developing movement concepts and fitting out sports facilities as a full-service supplier.

    The art of Pulastic
  • Orange shades

    Orange shades

    Orange tones promote optimism and spontaneity, they keep us inspired to look at the bright side of life. Orange is the colour of the Netherlands and its athletes. The Pulastic team is proud to be the Number 1 in polyurethane sports floors.

    The art of Pulastic
  • Red shades

    Red shades

    Red is a colour of warmth and a positive mood. It is the strongest colour in the universe. Red represents vitality, provides motivation to take action, and symbolises entrepreneurship and leadership qualities. The Pulastic logo is red; it stands for a strong brand and the team behind it is powerful and full of energy.

    The art of Pulastic
  • violet shades

    violet shades

    Violet and purple encourage imagination and provide inspiration for greater ideals. Purple is also the colour of humanism, being good to others. For us, as a socially responsible company, purple stands for freedom and equality for all, young or old, man or woman, for all colours and races.

    The art of Pulastic
  • Blue shades

    Blue shades

    Blue is the colour of trust, honesty and loyalty. And of clear skies and deep seas. Qualities associated with blue are: honest, calm and reliable. Blue is the most popular colour for Pulastic sports floors.

    The art of Pulastic
  • Green shades

    Green shades

    Green is the colour of jade, fresh grass and Dutch landscapes. Green is the colour of nature and sustainability. For us, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are not a trend, but a standard for entrepreneurship in the 21st century. And ...the first Pulastic floor ever was green.

    The art of Pulastic
  • Grey shades

    Grey shades

    Grey is solid and stable, and stands for calmness and responsibility. Grey has a stabilising effect on other colours and creates attractive combinations with all other colours. The Pulastic shades of grey are applied frequently: stone grey, dust grey, iron grey, and dolphin grey.

    The art of Pulastic
  • Brown shades

    Brown shades

    The colour brown is a serious, down-to-earth colour, representing stability, structure, support and loyal partnership. Brown stands for quality, reliability and accessibility. Characteristics that we strive for with the Pulastic team.

    The art of Pulastic
  • black & white shades

    black & white shades

    When light appears, black suddenly turns white, the colour of a new beginning. White is associated with perfection. White stands for goodness, honesty, the new and light. Black represents power and control.

    The art of Pulastic
  • Choosing a sports floor

    A Pulastic sports floor offers the perfect mix of protection and sports options.

  • Outdoor

    With the typical Pulastic characteristics Pulastic now offers a new outdoor system suitable for all types of sports.

  • Selecting a sports floor

    10 steps towards a successful investment. This is how you choose the right sports floor.

  • Architects

    We work with valuable partners around the world. Especially for architects, view the creative possibilities of Pulastic!

  • Services

    Find out all about maintenance and cleaning.