The Pulastic floor designer contains all floor colours and allows users to visualise the various combinations. It provides an excellent first impression of the many options available within your accommodation!

Step 1 - select your facility
Step 1 - Select your facility

The Pulastic floor designer allows you to choose from 5 different sports halls. Select the most appropriate hall.

Step 2 - select line marking
Step 2 – Select line marking

Choose the required playing field line marking. Options include volleyball, badminton, basketball, and more.

Step 3 - select colours
Step 3 – Select colours

Select the required classic or design colours for your sports floor. Try a different colour for the borders or bucket than for the actual playing field*. Logos can be added here too.

*If you choose a multicolour design, this may imply a tailor-made solution. The Pulastic team will gladly give you advice. Phone +31 570 620744 or e-mail